In Los Angeles, You'll Love Our Food
We are a BBQ that is located in the Los Angeles area that welcomes patrons to our establishment on a regular basis. We want to make sure our customers are totally satisfied when they are visiting and dining with us. Since we enjoy making them happy, we have the best food that can leave their stomachs full while tantalizing their taste buds with our fine dishes that are available. We are a family run business that has been passed down throughout the generations giving us the full ability to service our customers in a friendly and hospital way. As a practice, we want to show you that we love your willingness to dine with us, and our staff will treat you with great respect as you dine in our BBQ. We hope that you will find our BBQ to be all you have imagined and more.

One of our favorite specialties is the best pork chops in the Los Angeles area. They are made to perfection so that you can enjoy them in style. We take great pride in how they are made and make sure that they have the best taste possible. It is our pleasure to give our customers a taste they won't forget. We have a full menu with other fantastic items on it too that will allow our customers to have the finest cuisine while they are in our establishment. The atmosphere that we create is comfortable and attractive allowing our patrons to relax and enjoy their meal. Guests will be able to dine on a wonderful meal that they will recommend to their family, friends and loved ones. We want to have a great experience with us and know you will. We hope you will return again and again to try out our other dishes