The best BBQ in LA
Come to our restaurant and dine on some of the best barbecue you have ever had because we are THE best barbecue restaurant in Los Angeles, California. We serve all types of barbecue: succulent pork or beef ribs, sliced beef, tender barbecued chicken, moist beef brisket, spicy hot links, sausage, and pulled pork, but we specialize in the best pork chops in California. They are meaty, moist, and tender and believe me, you will want more than one before your dinner is over because everyone knows that is what we do best. No one does barbecue and pork chops like us.

You can look forward to having your meat cooked over a mix of pecan, hickory, and oak wood with that wonderful smell of smoke, and the rich smell of barbecue sauce that is tangy, spicy, and sweet that is just heaven to smell and pretty hard to beat. When we are done, you will have the best barbecued meat with blackened edges and that meaty to-the-bone flavor that just jumps out at you, then to top it off you have your choice of side dishes that will make your mouth water with flavor and taste such as sweet and spicy baked beans, juicy cole slaw, homemade potato salad, moist mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, sautéed okra, collard greens, creamed spinach, macaroni and cheese, warm homemade cornbread, fresh stewed tomatoes, sweet corn on the cob, or flaky rice. Whatever you like, we have a menu to please everyone, then as if that isn’t enough we have a variety of desserts that will melt your heart and fill you up. All of this we offer fresh every day, you can come on in and eat or order to take out. Either way, it will be a dinner to remember.

Whether it is lunchtime, dinner time, a special event or a quiet Sunday dinner, come on out and enjoy a relaxing meal you are sure to enjoy and bring the family because everyone should enjoy the great food we have to offer. We look forward to seeing, come on out and see what you’ve been missing.

We also travel to all types of destinations with our barbecue because we know that not everyone can make it out to Los Angeles, California. Every year we make it a point to go out to San Diego for the annual car show at Milano's and we cook up plenty of our world famous barbecue for everyone to enjoy. Come on out because there will be plenty of barbecue and some of the sweetest cars you’ve ever seen, you and your family will really have a blast because it is definitely a day to remember. We also will be bringing our famous barbecue out to Los Angeles to the Los Angeles Athletic Club. These two events will be great and ones that you definitely don‘t want to miss, so come on out and join us for a great day of fun and good eating.